Susan E. Barbour, Ed.D. Psychologist by Tel-e-health-therapy

Tel-e-health-therapy for Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis 

 I use HIPAA compliant tel-e-health-therapy platforms to meet with residents in 
Pennsylvania and Wisconsin 
Tel- e-health-therapy provides privacy, discretion, and flexibility, for psychotherapy and psychoanalysis in the states where I hold a license to practice.

Everyone that comes to therapy  is seeking a second chance. Psychotherapy becomes a bridge.

You and I create a time, place, and space for you to make sense of painful feelings that prevent you from living, working, and loving in a fulfilling and satisfying way.

The work I do helps those not been sufficiently helped by prior psychotherapy.  I see clients frustrated by medical and mental health clinics, lack of consistent on infrequent therapy appointments, and who feel they haven’t been heard. Listening is central to being understood.  

Tel-e-health-therapy Begins …

as we discuss what is happening for you and what prompts you to call.

Tel-e-health-therapy Continues 

with consideration of your present life, hopes, dreams, and relationships. We discuss what you want to get from your therapy process. We view your present experience through the lens of your current and past relationships and in our therapeutic alliance. In deeper psychotherapy work we may consider meanings that emerge from your dreams, fantasies and your coloring of everyday relationships that subtly shift your moods and out look. Change is possible.

I work with you to facilitate change, and on what is getting in the way.   

Please link to “Person-Focused Problems” to review the kinds of problems that prompt people like you to come to therapy. For instance: depression, stress, anxiety, relationship issues. Not fitting in? Are you a struggling new mom?  Please link to information on postpartum depression & anxiety.

My approach is eclectic and client centered.  However, my expertise as a psychoanalyst informs my understanding of your experience and change over the course of your life. Because my focus is on development and how you come to be you, the therapy targets change that is more lasting change then other kinds of therapy. 

I also have the background to provide integrative and depth full work in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.  Your investment in this kind of therapeutic journey resonates deeply to the core of your personality.

In addition, I consult with, teach, and mentor mental health providers and psychiatric residents.

*Quote by Sigmund Freud

** Quote by Otto Rank

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